Box Condition

Unlike some sites (we're not naming names, but you know who you are...) we care about the box condition of our pops and more importantly, we want you to know exactly what you're getting - so here's how we classify the condition of our boxes;
  • Normal / Unclassified - These are the majority of our products, where there is a normal option or the listing doesn't mention box condition at all, it mean's its mint!
  • Damaged 6-10 - Basically we use this classifier for anything that isn't absolutely mint condition, from the smallest dent to a bigger bash. Levels of damage vary from almost none to just below Major damage.
  • Major damage 1-5 - Bigger dings, tears and rips, we would suggest this is really only for out of box collectors.

We hope this helps! If you ever have a question about the condition of a pop, or you'd like more pictures then please just get in touch :)