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To sub? or not to sub?... That, is the question

To sub? or not to sub?... That, is the question

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Hey, You beautiful creatures , 'Tis me again :)

So it's a new year, And one of the things I decided I would try this year is a new subscription box or 2.

I'm not a massive Marvel or DC fan myself, so I doubt I will be going for either of those Funko powered subscription boxes. Though in my opinion, they do seem well worth the money. Both these subscriptions had some pretty awesome items last year, I actually bought a few separately via Facebook contacts.

I have tried a few of the subs that Lootcrate have to offer, The core crate, Gaming crate and the Anime crate but, after much deliberation, I've decided that the only subscription from Lootcrate I'll be sticking with is the J.K.Rowling's Wizarding World crate - I'm pretty crazy about Harry Potter and Fantastic beasts and so this crate is pretty perfect for me. I loved the first crate, The pop that came in it completed my Fantastic beasts pop set and I can often be seen lounging around in the T-shirt as it's one of my faves :)

I've seen that Disney is set to have a sub box released by Funko this year and that does seem promising... I believe it's set to be called Treasure box, though this could change. I'm expecting it to be released sometime in spring so, there's plenty of time for more information on it to be leaked.

Another promising subscription is the Disney Store US exclusive subscription box for Tsum Tsums. I'm pretty set on buying this subscription as my son collects them and has quite a large collection for a 3 year old. I do think that, although this subscription will primarily be for my son, A few of the Tsum Tsums will make their way only my bookcases. It has been available for at least one year already but, with no UK based companies offering to ship it over, it was impossible for me to subscribe to it. 

Are there any sub boxes you think I should give a try? Are there any good licensed Harry Potter subscriptions that I should be aware of? Do you sub to certain boxes for the sole possibility of receiving a pop in the boxes? Or are there other reasons for you subscribing?

Don't forget to keep an eye on the subscription box section of the site as collekt are able to get the US ONLY Funko boxes and, They will also be able to order the Tsum Tsum subscription too  :)

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  • Jess Saddler
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  • Victor Wolfgang
    Victor Wolfgang

    Why would you not get marvel or dc, seems like a mute point, anyways nice to see some orginality from you.

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